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  39. MichaelI think you are absolutely right about the ecosystem metaphor and its emphasis on balance, diversity and dynamism. How about we get a DEMOS/New America Foundation working group, discussion, panel, provocation happening on this – we can hit both coasts, NY and DC? And find some allies in the center of the country and begin to engage in a real discussion about what we need, want and can make happen….Lucy

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  53. Wow Amy – did you steal my diary? I felt like I was reliving my past reading this. I too felt the need to fix the world through some kind of outward big bold gesture. I’ve since discovered that to see my vision come to life – peace on earth – I must be at peace. The world’s energy depends on each of us to be in alignment with our own peace. No matter what your vision for your life is – it starts with creating it within. Thank you for this Amy – rock on! It’s Hammer TimePeace!

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  55. Richard, thanks so much for sharing your story. I posted it in its own post, since readers may not see or read comments. (I see and read every one.) I thought it was important to let others read your story. This path is pretty amazing, AND it’s not even on most people’s radar for trauma recovery and stress relief. I want to do the TRE training myself early in 2012. I love that it helps you become more the person you want to be, and that that person is who you truly are. Fully present, fully occupying your body! Yes!

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  72. Somewhere along the line I met Dorothy – through my mother, Mable Goman, but I suspect she met Dorothy when she was teaching in Grand Marsh back in the 1930′s and she was Mable Shepard at that time. Perhaps Mom had some of the Podoll children in school? I remember her as being a lovely lady and Mom spoke of her often. I also remember my aunt, Clara Hoard/Zimbeck speaking very fondly of Dorothy. I am sure she will be missed by everyone who knew her.

  73. Hi Francis, thanks for your comments; you might also want to visit another website ‘Northstate Science’, where Chris O’Brien has written more extensively on the Hadza, and moreover, has worked with them in the past – his most recent post is ‘More on the Hadza’, but there are others, and I’ll post more info here later in the day. Anyway, good luck with your workshop, and hopefully you’ll attract sufficient interest in time for August.

  74. The truth should not shake our faith, rather ought to strengthen it. You wrote “the two witnesses are the two branches on either side of the lamp” but that’s not what the word of God says, is it? Read it again:“These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth.” Rev 11:4The two witnesses are the two olive trees AND the two candlesticks before God.

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  76. The same handsome 20 year old who married frumpy 28 year old Hadley? (google a pic) The same Hemingway that hung out with lesbians in Paris, then married his second wife, Pauline, dabbled in lesbianism and looked like a 14 year old boy? (google a pic) The same Hemingway that had multiple homosexual characters in many of his stories? That old closet queen?

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  82. Marc,Yes, I agree with you. This is the most effective evangelism, especially in the context in which we live now in the US. So much of the way we organize our time in “churched” America militates against this, though. It does help if you work with non-Christians. But, I agree with you, we should be more pro-active in seeking out these kind of relationships.

  83. I know letting us know the problems you're aware of might not strike everyone as a big deal, but I think it is. It's a simple enough thing and the simple things are often the best. Knowing you know something's broken is reassuring, mostly 'cause that means you're working on it. Thanks.

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  88. I remember bits and pieces. The moment that you describe here didn’t really happen to me until we’d been home a few days. These stories of new motherhood are so universal. When you’re going through them the first time it’s easy to feel quite isolated and alone. Thanks for sharing this moment with us. Even today I find it heartening to read these comments and know that this is something all new mothers have endured.

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  92. Abby, you are terrific! For those who feel they need to use hormones of any kind to deal with heavy bleeding, etc. – go ahead and use them, but practice chastity. We all have burdens to bear in this life, and if this is yours, then so be it. Any abortifacient is unacceptable. Using health problems to justify it is unnecessary as well as dishonest. Blessed are those who suffer…

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  94. I need to add that we did get a local homeschool support group listed in DMOZ, but that was about 8 years ago. And to add, I haven’t tried submitting the church site again for the last couple of years.

  95. Lækre billeder og tøj :)Jeg har lige et spørgsmål ang mælk i dine smothies,Bruger du kun sojamælk eller også andre slags, ris, havre osv?Og hvilken mærke er dine sojamælk og evt andre, vil gerne finde de sundeste på markedet nemlig?Og er især lidt bekymret for rismælken, jeg synes at der er mange kalorier i?

  96. Thanks for starting this thread! I was just looking through my notes from your lecture and the first was “check out her blog.” Thanks for delving into some of the things we didn’t have time for at the conference!

  97. What is it with the on going push for everybody to be healthy? Has it occurred to anybody that people will eat this because they WANT to? Of course its not good for you. Neither is skydiving but people don’t give you a revolted look when you tell them you’ve done it.

  98. Refererande till länken till DN från JC om kollektivavtal och artikeln av Svante Nycander; Men vänta nu…, om vi (s) var emot kollektivavtalslagen 1928 och den liberala regeringen inte hade egen majoritet. Vilket var då det partiet i andra kammaren som med sina (flest?) röster, röstade igenom förslaget så att det blev lag? Vet någon svaret på detta?Denna stolta milstolpe från 1928 i arbetarrörelsens historia!

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  101. Quite honestly, when I was younger, I envisioned that I would probably get married some day, but didn’t figure I would ever have kids. I didn’t really LIKE kids when I was younger. But my, my, my… how things change. While I’m still not a fan of OTHER people’s kids, I truly treasure my own two boys and couldn’t imagine my world without them.

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  105. no wonder you have been so quiet. hope things are all well now if not soon. a few of my frens children came down with hand foot and mouth as well. always so scary to have kid falling sick. will pray for every children that God protects them from bad elements and ailments and as a mighty healer, He will heal and restore bodies to good and well. Amen

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  113. Aletha- I have a hard time believing that this “fix” is going to pass muster in the courts- directing insurance companies to pay for the coverage without copay in order to exempt the Catholic organizations, seems a bit of a stretch. I don’t often go out of my way to defend insurance companies- quite the opposite- but if I were an insurance executive I’d be scratching my head right about now. I hope this isn’t a case where Obama has chosen a very short term POLITICAL fix (for himself) all the while knowing that in reality, it will never be implemented due to legal challenges across all the states.

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  116. Have you ever complained about Arnold Schwartzenegger being governor of California? Have you? I haven't heard one peep from a conservative about an Austrian-born body builder becoming governor of a U.S. state. And yet, you've created a blog protesting a man of African descent holding a political office in the U.S.

  117. I volunteer at a place for kids with physical disabilities, and I noticed some of them have a tan sticker under their ear/high neck. I have also noticed this on kids in our school’s mh unit, and on a girl’s caringbridge. Any ideas what they are for? Thanks~. I don’t think it’s a hearing aid; it’s flat, a sticker, not actually IN the ear, and these kids aren’t hearing impaired..

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  214. Yup 98% of us weren’t socialized outside homeschool circles. I was giving you the grace that its not happening in your family. And that the second generation homeschoolers were doing something different very different. But the way you seem so desperate to dismiss this problem, I wonder. Have a heart for what we endured. And if you can’t, leave us alone.

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